Our Philosophy

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Mango Tree Productions is foremost a documentary production company that also shoots live events (wedding videography, wedding cinematography, stage shows, corporate or nonprofit/NGO video). Hence, we approach live events in the same philosophical manner that we would a documentary: by stressing empathy, an understanding of cultural nuance, and developing trust. We believe in getting those cool shots, but never at the expense of telling an emotive story that's as true to life as could be. This is our approach to any project, whether it be a wedding, concert, or consumer ethnography. 

We believe in celebrating community, individual autonomy, and diversity. We believe in giving back. Our work in shooting live events helps supplement the costs of working with nonprofits, which often have low budgets or no budgets. Recent clients that have benefited from this approach include the Autism Science Foundation, Center for NYC Neighborhoods, and Best Buddies - a nonprofit that focuses on adults with intellectual disabilities.  

We like the unusual, the particular, the strange. We never shy away from humor or the absurd. We love to approach tired subjects and shake them up. Have you ever been to a grocery store and purchased a sour mango? It may make you dislike mangos. But if you take the time to travel to the country of origin and locate that very mango tree, you'll find the fruit in its natural environment much more sweet, and this reframing of the same object may just change your perspective. This is our approach to nonfiction filmmaking.